Every week I think things will slow down on the work front but no we continue to do more, work harder and strive for big things.  I want to say a huge THANK YOU to the Chamber team for their hard work.  I super appreciate their effort and I’m very grateful to have each one on this journey with me.  When I do my mindful grateful thing, my wonderful colleagues are up there, and when I feel like I haven’t been as productive as I want, I remind myself of my team.  Working remotely takes self-discipline and also requires a lot of self-motivation.  There is no physical energy that drives you to do that little bit more.  It all comes down to the individual and it is challenging.  Going into lockdown I was concerned about how the Chamber team would transition, but there was no need for concern as our whole purpose was 100% focused on how we could help HB businesses.  So, we collectively listened and came up with plans that we could put into action and hopefully make a difference.  With this focus, the Chamber team have worked harder, longer and tackled tasks that required skills they didn’t know they had.

Thank you team!

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