Air New Zealand launched a new brand campaign to the New Zealand public.  Entitled We fly for you, the launch marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Air New Zealand brand, highlighting our people and our service and reflecting our commitment to holding our customers at the heart of everything we do.  Over the coming 12 months, you’ll continue to see new stories released within the We fly for you platform, and importantly this will be supported through new customer propositions that reflect our customers being at the heart of all that we do.

We proudly feature over 100 Air New Zealand staff throughout the campaign activity as we acknowledge the role that our people play in delivering care for our customers every day. It has been important to us to support local New Zealand businesses in the development of the campaign, and we are delighted to have collaborated with popular New Zealand band Drax Project in the co-creation of the campaign’s signature music track.

You’ll find below the link to the full-length TV ad.  We hope you enjoy this celebration of New Zealanders and their reasons for travelling with us!

Link to We Fly for You 90” ad

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