The people of Hawke’s Bay all know come mid-February our region will be transformed into the Art Deco era; however it is really Napier that is at the heart of this step back in time.

Thousands of people descend on HB and the city of Napier buzzes with an influx of energy and a little bit of class. There are events for everyone of all ages. Some events are invite-only, others have a ticket price and some are free.

I went to the opening Soiree on the beachfront in a marquee in front of the Napier War Memorial building. It was beautiful, and everyone looked fabulous! There were lots of pearls, tassels, bright red lipstick, braces, pinstripes and hats. Everything was great until my feet starting aching. Maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to wear new Art Deco heels, or maybe the 30 degrees plus heat made my tender feet swell. Not sure, maybe both, I just knew I had to leave the beautiful event a little sooner than anticipated.

So, my friend and I walked out of the said beautiful event and saw some very comfy looking couches that radio station people were sitting on. We approached and asked if we could sit down for a few moments to take our shoes off. The radio people were very friendly and kindly invited us to join them. This was quickly followed by headphones being put on my head and then somehow, I was being interviewed on live radio by Stacey, Mike and Anika Moa.

I’m not sure if anyone heard me stumble my way through this live radio segment about Art Deco, but I walked away with shoes in hand thinking about my very colourful day that I could have never predicted.


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