My husband and I have just had a couple of weeks of annual leave. We’ve thought about going on a cruise for a while; however, as neither of us has been on one before, we decided a five day would be best; also, we really like Melbourne, so a cruise around Tasmania made sense with a week in Melbourne.

The cruise experience was interesting.

  • Room – perfect
  • Staff – exceptional
  • Company – awesome!
  • Restaurants – mostly amazing
  • Food court – okay
  • Things to do – phenomenal
  • Bars – numerous beautiful spaces
  • Hygiene – exceptional. Full linen change daily, common areas, and railings cleaned and polished several times each day.
  • Gym – flash (although not for me)
  • Beauty Spa – every service imaginable
  • Hair Salon – the husband, got a no hair, shiny dome look
  • Pool areas – multiple
  • Entertainment – stage shows with a lot of very talented dancers, singers, and comedians

Mmm, so you gotta be thinking sounds like an amazing time. Did anyone reading this know that the Bass Strait was one of the roughest bits of waters to sail on? Nope, neither did we. With some amusement now (after the fact), our ship was delayed 14 hours due to high winds and rough seas. We were meant to sail at 4 pm on the 8th but left port at 6 am on the 9th.

The winds and seas had reduced, but not a lot, and where we would have travelled the majority of the strait while asleep if we left on the 8th, this was no longer the case.

Monday, 9th February, felt like one long earthquake. Constant rolling, then an opposing wave would hit, and everything would shudder.

Very unwell people and the disposable paper bags were being used in large volumes.

So my verdict on going on a cruise. Really enjoy it, if the vessel isn’t moving and the Bass Strait isn’t for me.

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