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Bring smart, enthusiastic and fresh thinking into your R&D activities with support provided by tertiary students in their summer break.

The Callaghan Innovation R&D Experience (Summer Internship) Grant round is currently OPEN for applications. These grants are a great opportunity to bring new skills into your company, while providing students with professional work experience and the chance to develop their technical skills in a commercial R&D environment.

This student grant allows your business to employ an undergraduate or postgraduate student to undertake R&D work full time for 10 weeks (400 hours) over their summer holidays. The student is fully funded by Callaghan Innovation at $22.10/hour (a total value of $8,840 +GST) for students studying science, technology, engineering, design or business courses at a NZQA 7-10 tertiary level. The student must be an employee (not a contractor) and must be based at your workplace.

Please note that applications are open from 2nd August until 30th September and will be assessed and approved on a first come, first served basis (noting demand is always super high). Get your application in soon to beat the rush so you can get out there and find the best students, before someone else does.


How many students can you get?

Student grant eligibility numbers are based on the size of your R&D team, as your ability to support them in their role is key to project success and is a core consideration in our assessment process. As a general guide you can apply for one student for every two full time R&D employees (FTEs). If you have only one R&D FTE, you can apply for one student. Click here for more details.


How do you apply?

Please contact Jenny Brown to discuss. As with all grant applications, these are done via the Callaghan Innovation online investment management system (IMS) portal.

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions before applying to ensure you are eligible for funding and can comply with requirements – you can find more information on the Callaghan website and view an example funding agreement here.

The application process is simple and straightforward, and with integrated video guidance at the start of each section, and in the upload templates to provide further advice and tips. For further information, templates and FAQs, you can also visit the Callaghan website.

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