Cyber Security When Working from Home

At this troubling time, individuals and businesses need to consider the cyberthreat fallout from COVID-19 as seriously as they do the disease itself. Malware attacks and phishing attempts have already been felt across the globe, and New Zealand will not be immune. More importantly, as people begin to work from home, the opportunities for attacks increase into the household, and through that, into the workplace. Here are some valuable resources for individuals and businesses:


CertNZ is a central repository, “to help New Zealand better understand and stay resilient to cybersecurity threats.” Individuals and businesses can report incidents, read up on the latest threats and vulnerabilities, and sign up for updates. Some of their current advisories on working from home can be found here:

The National Cyber Security Centre, a part of the GCSB’s focus, “is on detecting and disrupting cyber threats that are typically beyond the capability of commercially available products and services.” Their recommendations to New Zealanders about working remotely is:



While there are several other sources, two of the more reliable international websites are Threatpost and Dark Reading. They have both offered reliable insights on working from home under COVID-19, and are worth the read:


Of course, washing your hands in hot soapy water before you sit down at your computer is no substitute for having a well-prepared Business Continuity Plan/Disaster Recovery Plan. If you’re concerned about your cybersecurity preparedness, you can contact Dr. Tom Hartley, Cybersecurity lecturer at EIT and Director for Infinity Business Solutions at to set up an appointment.

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