Once I’ve had an idea and figured if it’s suitable, I can’t let it go and will obsess over it until I have the pieces in place to my satisfaction. I’ll puzzle over it in the middle of the night, jot things down in the dark (so not to wake the husband), and wonder if it will be illegible. Still, the busyness of the idea has been removed, and I will sleep.

Morning comes, and I want to test the theory. Saturday or Sunday. Morning or Night. It will consume me.

For a little over a year, I’ve been thinking that I would like to adjust Pulse due it’s limitations – the plan was starting to form. In downtime, I would troll the internet and see what options are out there, what could work?  Something was ticking away, but the plan hadn’t quite developed.

Late last year, Karla spent time with other regions of the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce. She brought back examples of what they were doing and was inspired, which flipped the switch.

So, for the past four weeks, every waking hour (and there’s been a lot) Pulse has consumed me. It’s brought me a lot of frustration and satisfaction, which I’ve enjoyed in equal measures – the frustration just made me look harder.

Happy reading,

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