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8th October 2021

From late 2021, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will start delivering enhancements to its Immigration Online system, to speed up visa processing and make it easier for people to apply for visas online.

You can also find more information on the website:

Enhancements to Immigration Online | Immigration New Zealand


What’s changing

  • Applicants are told what evidence they need to submit at the time of application
  • Online dashboard shows application status in real-time
  • Email notifications sent to applicants when they need to take action
  • Medical certificates are requested, if needed, after an application is made
  • Visa sponsors and supporting partners submit declarations online
  • Immigration New Zealand staff from any location can undertake processing tasks for an application
  • Time is saved through administrative processing tasks becoming automated
  • More efficient processing will mean quicker decisions for most applications in the future.


Visas transitioning from late 2021

Visas will start being transitioned across to the enhanced Immigration Online system from late 2021. At this stage, online application forms will only be available in English.

The first visa products to move onto the enhanced system are:

  • Visitor Visas (by the end of 2021)
  • Student Visas (first half of 2022).

We are monitoring external events that may affect this timing, such as changes to COVID-19 alert levels.

Paper-based applications will remain available.

Note: Enhancements to INZ’s visa processing technology do not signal when the border will reopen to foreign travellers. Temporary visa applications from outside New Zealand or a quarantine-free travel zone are currently suspended due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

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