If you’re interested in hiring someone, MSD may be able to help you find suitable candidates and support them if they need to gain skills to do the job. 

In February the Government announced an expansion to MSD’s Flexi-wage programme to support thousands more job seekers into employment.

What’s Flexi-wage?
Flexi-wage is an employment programme that helps job seekers get a job and the skills needed to do that job and stay employed.
Support can include training and in-work support, as well as a contribution to wages.
The job must be ongoing, continuing after the Flexi-wage has finished.

What does the expansion mean?

  • It includes job seekers who are not on a benefit but are disadvantaged in
    the labour market
  • Increased subsidy rates for eligible job seekers
  • Set rates and durations, to provide more certainty for potential employers
  • Increased support for people out of work who want to be self-employed

The expansion began on Monday 15 February.

Information sourced from https://www.workandincome.govt.nz/employers/subsidies-training-and-other-help/flexi-wage.html

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