The Government has announced more MSD support for people who’ve lost their jobs because of the impacts of COVID-19.
The COVID-19 Income Relief Payment will help to ease pressure on people and families under stress from COVID-19 job losses.
In ordinary times, we’d expect many people to quickly find other work or manage their costs without extra support. However with COVID-19, many will be under pressure to find other work quickly and meet their basic costs.
For us, it means we can do more to help New Zealanders with the disruption of COVID-19 – some of whom have never needed our support before.
People can apply online for the Income Relief Payment from 8 June.
It offers support for up to 12 weeks to soften the shock and minimise disruption from sudden unemployment, giving people time to look for other work and adjust their living costs.
At a very high level, it’s for people who:
    • have lost their job from 1 March to 30 October because of COVID-19, and
    • had been working at least 15 hours a week for 12 weeks before they lost their job
    • don’t have a partner earning more than $2,000 a week before tax
    • meet other eligibly criteria.
The Work and Income website has more detailed information to help people understand who can get the payment, and what they can get.
Online applications go live from 8 June. People should apply online through MyMSD – that includes both new and existing clients.

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