Example of an illegal fire in Hawke's Bay

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council says a court decision to fine a local company $11,900 for burning prohibited items sends a strong message to the community.

The company pleaded guilty to lighting a fire in Beach Road, Tangoio on 9th October last year. The fire contained toxic items including plastic (pipe, bottles, clearlite, strapping), particleboard, painted wood, treated timber, insulation, a mattress and polystyrene.

In the Hasting District Court, the company pleaded guilty to discharging a contaminant into the air and was sentenced and fined by Judge Dickey.

Regional Council Chair Rex Graham says it’s really pleasing to see pollution being taken so seriously.

“I hope this fine makes other people stop and think before they carry out any illegal burning,” he says.

Earlier this year another company was fined $12,555 for an illegal fire in Frimley.

Pollution Response and Enforcement Team Leader, Mike Alebardi, says the Regional Council is committed to rigorously enforcing the rules that protect the health of the environment and community

“This kind non-compliance is unacceptable, and we’ve shown the Regional Council will pursue these activities through the court if necessary. It’s one of the strongest signals we can send to discourage others not to burn prohibited items,” he says.

If anyone has information regarding unauthorised discharges to land, air or water they should contact the Council’s 24/7 Pollution Hotline on 0800 108 838


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