MBIE have reported that about 70 per cent of New Zealanders say they are likely to get vaccinated. To help encourage your team to get vaccinated, start talking to them early. If they want to talk, remember to listen to their concerns, and treat them with respect and privacy – discussing medical matters can be a very sensitive topic.

Getting the right information matters. There is plenty of incorrect information about COVID-19 vaccine on social media and other places. Point your employees to the right places to ensure they can get accurate and trusted information to help their decision making.

If you have concerns around whether or not a specific role in your organisation needs to be performed by a vaccinated worker, Medsafe have put together a helpful assessment tool which can help to determine the level of risk involved.

Local Vaccination Clinics

Hawke’s Bay DHB has begun inviting people eligible for group 3 vaccinations.

Use this online tool to find out what group you are in.

Hawke’s Bay DHB is in the final stages of vaccinating people in Group 2 as well as beginning the roll out of Group 3.

Hawke’s Bay DHB has a number of options to make access to getting the vaccine as easy as possible. They include:

  • Hawke’s Bay DHB Super Clinics:
    • The Hastings Racecourse (300 Prospect Road, Saddles/Hobbles Room under the Lowery Stand)
    • The Taradale Club (55 Wharerangi Road, Taradale)
    • Waipawa Rugby Clubrooms (Coronation Park, Tikokino Road, Waipawa)
  • General Practices and Pharmacy – several Primary Care/community providers are also offering vaccinations for their patients.
    These are:
    • Hastings Health Centre
    • Totara Health
    • The Doctors Napier
    • Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga
  • Wairoa Clinics – Vaccinations in Wairoa will all be through the Queens Street Practice. People in group 3 can call 06 838 8333.

For further information about the COVID-19 virus and vaccinations, you can find reliable, factual information at Ministry of Health and the Unite Against COVID websites or by calling Healthline on 0800 3585453.

COVID-19: Getting a vaccine(external link) – Ministry of Health
COVID-19 vaccine safety and side effects(external link) – Unite Against COVID-19

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