More homes in Hawke’s Bay are becoming healthier with a massive uptake in the Regional Council’s Sustainable Homes programme.

The programme was created for Hawke’s Bay people and their homes to be more sustainable and resilient, and in 2019 many more locals jumped at the opportunity says Regional Council Procurement Manager, Mark Heaney.

“We’re really pleased that local people are getting in on the programme, and coming back for more of these services,” says Mark.

“In the second half of 2019 we had a total of 809 applications. This means a lot more homes in Hawke’s Bay that are dry, warm, and healthy,” he says.

“I encourage people to check out what we’re offering, which includes water storage, septic tanks, solar power, double-glazing, ventilation, and clean heat. Coming into winter it’s a good idea to make sure your house is keeping the cold out and the heat in. And if you have a fire, now’s the time to buy enough dry firewood to last through the colder months.”

The Regional Council can help with funding and grants for clean heating, insulation, solar power systems, double-glazing, water storage and septic tanks, all to make homes more healthy and efficient places to live.

Find out more about the programme and eligibility

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