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Housing options in the main urban areas are a mix of suburban family homes and inner-city apartments. Most Hawke’s Bay homes come with good-sized sections of land complete with areas for outdoor living.


To find rental houses available in the area you can look online, in local newspapers or the Property Press magazine, or on social websites like Neighbourly.

Trade Me Property – advertises a large number of properties to rent in Hawke’s Bay.
MBIE Market Rents – lists the average weekly rent being charged for properties in Hawke’s Bay.
MBIE Tenancy Information – contains information about your rights and obligations when renting a property in New Zealand.


Trade Me – find houses to buy in Hawke’s Bay.
Quotable Value (QV) – search and compare average house prices in the Hawke’s Bay region.
Sorted – information on getting a mortgage in New Zealand.
Real Estate – has the country’s most comprehensive selection of real estate listings online.

LIM reports

Before you buy a property you should check its Land Information Memorandum (LIM). LIMs provide comprehensive information about the land and buildings on a particular property. A LIM report can be purchased from the local council.

Napier LIM Reports
Hastings LIM Reports
Central Hawke’s Bay LIM Reports
Wairoa LIM Reports

Council rates

Rates are the taxes levied by councils to help fund the work they do locally. You can find out what the rates are going to be on a property you may be considering buying.

Napier Rates
Hastings Rates
Central Hawke’s Bay Rates
Wairoa Rates


Utilities and services


There are many options for phone and internet providers. See more information about mobile, phone and internet providers on our Getting Connected page.

Getting connected

Electricity and gas

Electricity Authority – find all the power companies to choose from in Hawke’s Bay.
Consumer Powerswitch – compare all your gas and electricity options.

Rubbish and recycling

Information about roadside rubbish collection and recycling can be found on your local council website.

Napier Rubbish and Recycling
Hastings Rubbish and Recycling
Central Hawke’s Bay Rubbish and Recycling
Wairoa Rubbish and Recycling


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