The safety and security of the passengers and customers who pass through our airport, or individuals who work at Hawke’s Bay Airport, is always our top priority.

On March 23rd the Government announced the immediate lift of the COVID-19 alert status from level two to level three, with a lift to level four at 11.59pm on Wednesday. This means people are instructed to stay at home, schools and non-essential businesses are to close and travel will be severely limited. It will stay this way for at least four weeks.

Hawke’s Bay Airport is an essential service and will remain open. Passengers can still fly domestically until the Government’s COVID-19 alert status shifts to Level 4, at 11.59pm on Wednesday. After this point, only travel undertaken for essential services will be permitted for domestic flights.

To assist with social distancing requirements, the airport requires that only those travelling enter the terminal building. Exceptions will be only made in situations where the travelling person requires a support person to assist them ahead of boarding or through the arrivals terminal.

We thank you all for your assistance.

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