Ben Warren is a leading Clinical Nutritionist in New Zealand and the founder and Clinical Director of BePure Health.

They say, ‘when one door closes, another door opens,’ which is exactly the case for Ben. The health condition that effectively ended his professional golf career, was also his entry point into the natural health sphere. Empowered by his healing through nutrients, diet, and lifestyle, Ben set off on a mission to share this incredible knowledge with others.

He lives in Hawke’s Bay with his wife, Lynda, and their two daughters on a 15-acre organic permaculture farm. His current projects include working towards his PhD, further exploring the link between mental health and nutrients, continuing sharing education and support through the BePure platform.

BePure’s Bio

Proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated, BePure is a scientific, holistic health and wellness company set up by leading Clinical Nutritionist, Ben Warren, passionately driven by his mission of creating a new future for health.

Since 2004, Ben and the BePure team have developed 12 science and research-based, high-quality nutritional health support products, opened New Zealand’s leading natural health clinic, opened a lab managed by a PhD scientist to provide functional health testing locally, and delivered empowering wellness seminars presented by Ben to over 70,000 people to date.

BePure is driven by an authentic passion to support, educate, and inspire New Zealanders in cultivating self-health ownership in order to live long, healthy lives through diet, lifestyle and nutrition to nourish the well-being of their whole beings.


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