The Workplace Wellness panel is a Q&A panel discussion between conference attendees and businesses that are embracing wellness and building a solid wellness plan into their organisation. We openly discuss the pros, the challenges and everything in between!

As the founder and managing director of Kiwitax, a successful, 20-year-old business advisory, tax and accounting firm based in Napier. Kylie has seen firsthand the benefits of putting her people first in the business.

From developing and promoting a clear set of company values, to instilling a company culture that promotes support and understanding of the fact that people have lives outside of their work, and that when they come to work, they should be free to be themselves.

A testament to this is that a number of the Kiwitax staff have been with the firm for 10 years or more and continue to thrive in the everchanging landscape that is accounting in New Zealand.

Kylie’s best advice for new business owners when it comes to company culture is “your people are your biggest asset, and for longevity in business, you need to care about them so you can all have a happy work/life balance”.

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