Passion led us here… Robin Wilson and Leonie Wallwork met up on an Outward-Bound Wellbeing Course and through their shared physical, mental and emotional challenges and experiences on the course, teamed with rich conversations of their own life’s journey, they began to recognise their mutual drive to help people live well, work well and stay well.

“We have both been on the corporate ladder, worked in large and small organisations, been involved as change managers and change initiators, and witnessing change handled badly and the impacts of debilitating toxic work cultures. We share a mutual passion for doing things differently to help organisations to be great, and for people to be encouraged and empowered to live better lives, both at work and home.

In our experience, many organisations struggle to either identify or know where to start to work on the wellness issues they have – they may not even know there is an issue. Or they may want to implement continuous improvement in creating a great place to work but don’t know where to start.”

Issues facing business owners, managers and leaders have many guises including absenteeism, presenteeism, lost productivity, unhappy staff and low morale, attraction and retention issues, stress, fatigue, overwhelm or understanding how to work with ageing or diverse workforces. This all takes its toll on individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole and over time can become a systemic issue.

Workplace Wellness is a passionate and innovative team committed to working proactively with business owners, managers, leaders and staff (both paid and volunteers) to make sure everyone is engaged and shares in the vision that all workplaces should provide a safe and healthy environment for people to live well, work well and stay well.


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