The Hawke’s Bay Chamber recently met with Junior and Farrell, owners of Birdcage coffee.
Birdcage Coffee opened its doors a couple of weeks ago, offering $3 coffees in their first week of opening.

Part of what the Hawke’s Bay Chamber does is engage with new business and find out if there is any support needed in such a crucial time in a business lifecycle. With that, we whipped down to the new local and the coffee did not disappoint!!

Owners Junior and Farrell met at the gym and among many subjects discussed over the time, they began talking business, discovering they shared similar business visions, yet like so many good partnerships were able to identify a very different skillset.

Farrell has the lease at 184 Hyderabad Road, and after some careful conversation and a few brainstorming sessions with their family, they decided that creating a coffee shop at the front of the building was a good way to utilise the space.  What they have since created is a friendly space, where anyone is welcome to either pop in or pull up a pew and enjoy damn good coffee.

The team are welcoming and friendly and when we asked Junior and Farrell what sort of team they wanted to surround themselves with, it was very clear that empowerment and wanting to provide a positive workspace that encourages personal development and growth was evident.

Both Junior and Farrell have worked hard and achieved success in other areas in their life, Junior works for Sport NZ and Farrell has a successful sheering business, mentorship had been and continues to play an important factor in their personal and business growth.

The road to open Birdcage was longer than expected, originally they had planned to open last year however, COVID hit and the plans were put on hold.  When asking them where they see the business going and where they want to be in the future, they both agree that work-life balance is important and want to work on the business, not in it, they plan to achieve this by surrounding themselves with a good team and a good attitude, of which they both had in spades.

We wish the boys and the team at Birdcage Coffee the best of luck with their business and ask that you head over to their socials, give them a like and next time you’re in Ahuriri, pop in for a coffee and say hi!

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