Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our priority at Xero has been to ensure we’re taking care of the health,  safety and wellbeing of our people and our communities.
We realise that now more than ever, the  small business community needs our support.     While it’s a very unsettling time for everyone, I know from my own experience, talking to someone can  help. I wanted to get in touch to highlight the availability of the Xero Assistance Programme (XAP) for  your members who are on Xero.
The Xero Assistance Programme is a mental wellbeing support service, available through global EAP  provider Benestar. It is 100 percent confidential and free of charge to all Xero starter, standard and  premium subscribers, their employees and their families. All Xero accountants and bookkeepers are  also eligible for XAP.
The programme provides access to counselling via telephone, video or live chat sessions. There’s also  a range of mental wellbeing resources such as fact sheets, articles and learning modules.
I believe XAP is a really valuable resource during this time and hope you’d be willing to share it with  your members. Can I suggest adding it to your member resources page? If that’s not an option, it  would be very much appreciated if you were able to share the information with your members or one  one of your platforms. We are keen to ensure as many people as possible know help is available if they  need it.
Below is some further information if you’d like to pass it on. We have also created two fact sheets on managing staff wellbeing​ and ​managing stressful times​ that may be useful.
The Xero Assistance Programme (XAP) aims to provide mental wellbeing counselling and resources to  Kiwi small businesses. Counselling is available via phone, video conference or live chat and resources are  available from Benestar – a global EAP provider. XAP is available to all Xero subscribers on a starter,  standard or premium plan, their employees and their families. It is also available to all Xero accountant  and bookkeeper partners. To find out more email ​ ​or visit the website​ here.

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