She was so excited.  On Sunday, we made her lunch, named her school uniform, and packed her bag, Monday, she was due to start school.

When I tucked her into bed that evening, she told me she was feeling really nervous.  Like all mums, I assured her that it would be fine as it is normal to feel nervous and that she’s going to do amazing things at school and meet a whole bunch of awesome little friends.

On Monday she woke at 6.30am, she was ready quickly and couldn’t wait for her new school. Her Dad, Nanny and I all took her into school, she clung onto me and told me she wanted to go back to Kindy, (her safe place).

We went into the classroom, two other children were starting that day which made me feel a little more at ease.

The bell rang (a sound she wasn’t familiar with), and they were asked to sit on the mat. Her teacher welcomed the new children, and all the parents left, I wasn’t ready to go just yet. I quietly sat at the back, and as they started the roll call, tears welled up in my eyes.

I started thinking about how she’s going to cope at lunchtime in the playground, the school is so big, and she’s so tiny. It took every ounce of me not to ring and check she’s ok.  I rung my mum, who assured me she will be fine and that its normal to feel this way.

Ironic, how it swings in roundabouts, reassuring my child, and being reassured by my mum.

Lisa x

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