Travel, especially flying, is a significant cost to many businesses. It’s a major source of pollution and contributes to climate change. It also takes up a lot of staff time and may affect health and wellbeing. One of the most effective improvements is for you and your staff to travel less. It’s particularly useful if you can avoid driving at peak times, when congestion can increase travel times, stress and fuel use.

When thinking about where to set up an office or workshop, look at how close it is to public transport links and if it’s easy for people to store bikes and walking gear. Encouraging your staff to walk, cycle, e-bike or run to work is a great boost for mental health and wellbeing, while also having a positive impact on the environment.

Vehicle total cost of ownership tool

Changes to the way staff work can reduce your impact and save on costs. You might encourage:

  • Flexible working or working from home.
  • Video conferencing.
  • Car sharing with route planning to make the most of each trip.
  • Choosing the most energy-efficient vehicles.
  • Training your staff in fuel-efficient driving.

On the road – information on electric vehicles, vehicle selection, and driving efficiently

It’s also important to think about how you get your products and supplies. Buying supplies locally where possible is one way to cut down transport. Also, ask your couriers or delivery companies for advice on how best to consolidate and plan delivery to cut transport use, especially airfreight.

Reduce travel costs for businesses

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