James Palmer

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Council welcomes the draft advice from the Climate Change Commission to Government on the vital steps that must be taken to significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change.

Regional Council chief executive James Palmer says it’s heartening that the report shows we have the tools to meet our 2050 targets under the Paris climate accords, and that we just need to grasp the urgency of the situation, take decisive action and embrace change.

“As the lead local authority on the climate crisis in Hawke’s Bay, we are driving a comprehensive programme of work to make the region more resilient to climate change, and recognise that transformational change is required to reduce our environmental footprint.

This report highlights the importance of our work in making our transport system more sustainable, and getting people out of cars and cycling and walking more.

It shows the importance of forestry, both exotic and indigenous, which aligns with our regional tree planting programmes, with co-benefits for water and biodiversity.

It also highlights the need for climate friendly farming practices, which we support through our partnership with farmers, support for erosion control, planting, and regulation to improve water quality.”

Regional Council chief executive James Palmer welcomes the Climate Change Commission’s draft advice to decarbonise the economy.


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