WorkFit is a Sport Hawke’s Bay health and wellbeing programme aimed at helping organisations beat the workday slump. We offer a range of services to employees including health checks, nutrition, movement and mental wellbeing classes to name a few. We aim to increase awareness of workplace wellbeing. We can tailor a package to work for any size organisation and to make it as convenient as possible, all services are can be done at the business itself. We work with you and your employees to create something that works for everyone.

We all know life is busy and we are at work for most of it. Workplace wellness should be at the top of every employer and employees list and WorkFit is a one-stop organisation to cater to all those needs. With the right education, skills, motivation, tools and social supports, people can change behaviours. Positive behaviours lead to lower health risks, higher productivity, positive morale and overall a successful workplace.

We at WorkFit believe that the way employees think and feel has a direct impact on everything from productivity to communication. Promoting good mental health might be one of the most important steps to improving an organisation. Leadership commitment and engagement is the most important factor to achieve healthy workplaces. WorkFit will set everyone up with a positive outlook on their working day.

Let’s invest and create a healthier Hawke’s Bay

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