Not everyone has a home office.  When choosing a space to work think about comfort and productivity. A consistent location will be helpful

  • Somewhere quiet with minimal distractions
  • Good lighting is important
  • Are you going to be able to sit comfortably for the duration of your workday?
  • Can you set up an allocated space in a spare room/dining room?
Be resourceful – working from home doesn’t need to be expensive.  Think able what you can borrow from your work office or friends and family.

Do you work from a laptop?  This makes working at home easier but is not essential.  You can move your desk top computer home.

  • What is your home Wi-Fi like? Do you need a router?
  • If you are working on a laptop don’t forget to take your charger home
  • Take your wireless keyboard and mouse if you have one – don’t forget the USB receiver
  • A second monitor or a laptop stand could be a great help if working from a standard laptop
  • You may be able to bring home additional equipment from your work office
  • Software and App licenses may be required for working remotely (Microsoft Office etc)
  • Consider the integrity and security of your IT systems in your Business Continuity Plan, particularly how you will safeguard your data and what to do if a data breach does occur
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When working from home some people find it too easy to just pop to their desk and do this, and then I’ll just do that – and it goes on.  It’s important to keep track of your time.

  • Separate home and work time. If possible, set normal work hours and regular breaks
  • An alarm can be helpful for keeping time and ensuring you take breaks – get up and move
  • Work dress code may still apply… Don’t forget meetings by Zoom or Skype can be video calls! It could be helpful to keep your daily routine as much as possible to help switch between work and home life

At the end of your workday close your work space. Shut down and tidy your work space.  This will help with not going on with work after hours.

Make sure you keep connected and catch up with others in your work team and wider group.

  • Use Facebook Groups or Messenger, Microsoft Teams or the like
  • Platforms like this are good for quick and easy communication rather than lengthy phone calls
  • Chat is great to get more work done at home with less interruptions.
  • Zoom is a great tool for video meetings

It’s important to maintain social interactions where possible.

The key here is to over communicate.

  • Working remotely takes away some visibility between you and your colleagues
  • Clear communication! Your work plan and outputs, conversations about managing workload and the essential – how are you?
  • Convey your schedule and availability.
  • It is important that you are quick to respond to any messages so the team and others know you are ok and coping

Although you are out of sight, you are not out of mind.

Everyone’s home situation is different – there may be family, flatmates or others to work around.

  • Plan and agree how you’ll work in together
  • Is there enough space to work separately?
  • Consider noise levels and phone calls – be considerate
  • Make others aware of your work timetable for minimal disruption

Communicate is key and your responsibility to convey your working hours so they know to leave you to it.

Very important right now is your wellness!

  • Fresh air is a must for during your day and at home this is easy. Have a cuppa in the garden, walk down your street or incorporate a jog or bike ride into your lunch break.
  • Look after yourself with regular breaks and healthy food.
  • Don’t forget to move!

When you are working from home you don’t have to go to coffee breaks or meetings so make sure you still get up from your workspace and move around your house – maybe while you take a phone call.

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