The Go-Live Committee met Monday and we received approval to proceed implement our next set of changes as part of  Stage 4 Release 1.

We’ll start shutting down our systems and services during the day on Friday 26 February, with everything closed down by 6pm and we’ll re-open to customers by 8am Monday 1 March.
As a reminder, the following changes are being implemented which may be of interest to you and whānau.

Changes to paid parental leave

Paid parental leave is a government funded entitlement paid to mothers and other primary carers, such as whāngai parents, when they take parental leave or stop working to care for their new-born baby or a child under the age of six who is now in their care.

On 1 March 2021 we moved paid parental leave into our new system. This resulted in a number of benefits for paid parental leave customers including:

  • Customers being able to apply for paid parental leave using the new registration web request in their myIR account
  • Customers being able to manage their paid parental leave details in myIR
  • Payments being be paid earlier in the week

For more information on the paid parental leave changes visit

Other changes include Duties and Foreign Trusts.
For more information on these changes visit

Stage 4 Release 2 changes later this year
Later this year our final major release will go live. This is planned for October and will include more improvements as we bring Child Support into our tax system and upgrade myIR. We’ll provide you with more information on these changes later in the year.

For more information on what’s changing in 2021 visit

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