On 27 March, the Minister of Finance indicated that the Government would soon begin publishing the names of companies that have received the COVID-19 Wage Subsidy.

This was also indicated in the declaration signed by Wage Subsidy applicants.

I am writing to confirm that information about Wage Subsidy payments recipients will be published on the Ministry of Social Development’s website from Monday 6 April.

The publishing of this information ensures that payments under the scheme are transparent and that the scheme is accountable to the public. It will also help let employees know whether their employer has received the subsidy.

The payments information will be published as a searchable file that identifies:

  • the company name as registered with Inland Revenue
  • the number of employers for whom payment has been made
  • the amount paid.
We will be publishing the names of Sole Traders and Contractors/Self-Employed payees in due course.

Finally, a reminder that if you would like to apply for the Wage Subsidy for a new group of employees, you can do that through the Work and Income website.

Noho ora mai
Viv Rickard
Ministry of Social Development
Deputy Chief Executive Service Delivery

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