The past few months have stretched and tested all of us in business in ways we could not predict. Whether you have been navigating a significant downturn or unexpected uplift in business, what is clear is that as business leaders we need to support each other as we move into the ‘new normal’.

The current COVID-19 environment has shown us the need for clear leadership, quality decisions and considered action. It’s also highlighted the high price for getting it wrong.

We want to see more businesses not just survive, but thrive into the future. To do this, as a business owner you need to be really clear about your focus, your plans for the future and where the potential gaps are that can get you off track.

We’ve got your back.

To support businesses within the Chamber we have organised a free review and 1:1 session to help you get clear on your goals and priorities – free from any sales pitches or hidden costs. We’re all about you and your business, and how important it is RIGHT NOW in these toughest times, that your focus and your plans are on track – and if they’re not, that you learn this quickly, so you can adapt quickly.

It starts with an easy to complete Business Growth survey, developed by the Advisory Board Centre, which will provide you with a personalised report into your business priorities and areas of focus. You can see how different areas of your business are performing compared to an overall benchmark of business owners so that you can be confident that the findings are meaningful and valid.

Clarity on your business priorities

If you are finding it difficult to plan for the future you are not alone. 88% of business owners seek independent support to gain clarity on their future priorities and support options. That’s why the Advisory Board Centre developed the Business Growth Survey. As a leading independent professional body for the advisory sector, the Advisory Board Centre was founded to support and improve the effectiveness of the global Advisory Board community and business performance throughout the world. We support you, whether you’re a start-up or scale-up business, a growing company, non-profit, corporate, or a business challenged through tough economic cycles.

Once you complete the survey, we will invest the time to have a confidential discussion with you to talk through the analysis so that you can ask questions and tap into our wider support network – for free. We’ll follow up in 12 months so you can complete the survey again, and benchmark your performance one year on, again at no cost, to continue to ensure you are on track and excelling.

Don’t leave yourself wondering if you could have made different choices for your business. Take 15 minutes to complete the survey and gain the peer support needed to help you into the future.

Let us help you – complete the survey today and let’s get started by clicking on the link below:


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