I know that we’ve all had our challenges during the last five weeks, some more than others.

I’ve thought long about what my biggest challenge has been, as there have been a couple, but what stands out the most for me has not been able to hug my 85-year-old mum!  Mum & I are big huggers, so dropping her groceries off, seeing her, but maintaining a distance was heart-wrenching.

So what did good ole mum do (how well they know us); well the next time I had to drop things off, she came out to the garage holding the card she made for me – yes, the one in this picture.  After showing me with tears in her eyes (and mine if I was honest), she put it on the ground, sprayed it with sanitiser so I could bring it home.

Since that day, that heart has pride of place at my workstation at home, I’ve shared not only the picture via zoom but hopefully the love behind it.  I hope you, too, have shared and received love and kindness both with your family and others during lockdown.

Kia kaha


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