Last week I went to Wellington for the Young Enterprise National Conference, which is held annually in the capital city.

It’s a chance for the head office team, regional coordinators and roaming teachers to come together and discuss any up and coming changes happening in Young Enterprise.  There are plenty of behind the scene changes that will roll out in 2020, but one thing that really stood out for me is that we have created a new vision statement which I wanted to share with you.

“To build a pipeline of entrepreneurial-minded young people who will boost the prosperity in New Zealand”

The room is quite electric when we are all together, the passion for what we do is real.  I was asked what my favorite part of the role was and it’s a little long winded but I’ve been giving it some thought, here goes…

I came from a home where a career wasn’t encouraged, a job was, but not a career.  If I achieved something it wasn’t celebrated and going to university wasn’t even discussed, no one in my immediate family went to uni so I wasn’t about to either.  Sadly I have always regretted that.  I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mind and am in the process of starting my own business outside of YES.  I have always worked hard and studied as an adult which was the best thing I could have done and an awesome example for my children!

I will always celebrate success and want to inspire students to and find their passion, whether it be in business or not.  If they want to start a business do it… don’t let anyone tell you that it can’t be done.  There will be obstacles, they are part of the journey, embrace them and learn from them.

I have so much faith in our youth, I think they are amazing individuals, kind, socially aware and I’m so grateful I’m on the awesome journey with them!

Lisa x

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